Sunday, September 26, 2010

Darlinghurst: Art and Culture: King Street Gallery on William: Kensuke Todo's Time, Distance, Speed

The King Street Gallery on William was an oasis yesterday from the 27 degree thick heat and the hoon parade on William Street. The gallery was hosting a swell opening for Kensuke Todo's Time, Distance, Speed and was serving sparkling wine and oysters, so my girlfriend, Ruby Molteno, and I popped in to have a look - and a swill.
There was a friendly crowd of well-wishers, which included a couple of toddlers and a dog:

Not many people see the beauty in our freeways, expressways and bridges, but Todo obviously appreciates their grace and design, which he translated in to smooth, ''mild steel" sculptures. The Japanese-Australian artist honed in on intersections, junctions and exits, and then made a dozen or so obviously labour-intensive works that had elements of Escher's mind-bending, graphic mazes.
This work in the picture below is called William Street, Sydney 2010, and was selling for $4400. I loved it so much, I bought it - see the red dot:

Well, I didn't really buy it as my apartment is just too small, but there were many pieces that I could have wiled away the days and years musing on. The show closes on October 16.
King Street Gallery on William
177 William Street
Darlinghurst NSW 2010
02 9360 9727

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