Thursday, June 16, 2011

Darlinghurst Blog: Detritus: Mum's In

If all goes to plan tonight I will be slinking on down to a secret venue in Darlinghurst to meet Kate Leigh, Tilly Devine, Frank Green, Nellie Cameron and Guido Calletti. And I'll be wearing the most fabulous 1930s get-up that I can drag out of my wardrobe. 
The occasion is a very special production, Mum's In, dreamt up by actor Vashti Hughes, who is bravely going to attempt to bring to life the five main characters from Larry Writer's Razor. And judging by what I have seen on YouTube, it's going to be rather amazing.
To attend this curious show I had to reserve tickets online and then an email was sent to me revealing the secret location and the password to gain access. If I dress in 1930s fashion, the ticket is only $20. For boring types who don't get into the spirit of the occasion, it's $30. 
Once inside there will be sly grog for sale but you can only purchase a drink using gold coins, none of that paper stuff.
So I have been busy researching the era in fashion books to get some inspiration for what to wear:

And this is exactly what I am going to look like:

Well, apart from the dazzling white fox coat and striking good looks of gamine, Paulette Goddard. 
And here I am again attempting to eat a whole pineapple at my last cocktail party with my dear friend, Salmina, who will be coming along to Mum's In with me:

The show is only going for another two nights - Friday and Saturday - so quickly pop online and reserve a ticket before it is booked out. 

Mum's In, Stories From Razorhurst
Written and Performed by Vashti Hughes
Music by Ross Johnston
Produced by Brand X Productions
Directed by James Winter

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Billie Bites said...

Looks a great play, I think Miles was talking about it. You will definitely win the prize for best dressed. Don't forget to post some pics, with your mug disguised of course