I dreamt up this blog in September 2010 after a month of travels in Alaska, Canada and California. It was my last night before I was due to return to Australia and I was lying awake in my Hollywood hostel bed, unable to sleep because I was consumed with thoughts of home.

I so missed my little apartment on a hill in Darlinghurst. I missed my bed, the view of Rushcutters Bay from my kitchen, the patchwork of Paddington's terrace-house rooftops spread out before my sunroom, and the stamp-sized squint of Sydney Harbour from another window. 

I wanted to sit in the sun in my favourite cafe. I longed to walk the streets. I even missed the 311 mystery-bus. And I'd only been gone for one month.

So this is my little ode to the neighbourhood I love and long for.
Perhaps it will also be a small picture of a place and time.

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