Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Darlinghurst blog: Lost and Found: Red Cat

This poster was pasted up at Taylor Square. It's your classic 'Lost Cat' poster, except the choice of pet photography is rather interesting. Someone suggested the cat wouldn't be hard to find with its 'demonic' eyes. Has anyone seen this flashlight-eye feline?

PS. In a bid to explore new blogging frontiers, I'm writing this post on that new whiz-bang mobile phone technology, which may also add a certain weird quality to the format. Basically, it won't allow me to put the pic at the top of the post! Any hints?


Refugee from the Cross. said...

I miss the "old" blog, with "street of the week" etc, and quirky photos of the area. I don't feel homesick anymore, and when I visit Darlo and the Cross I find the whole area is now rather nasty and has lost it's charm.

St Vinnies Hosp Emergency Dept tonight is probably going to be full again of drug od's and binge drinkers, and fight aftermaths.

Violet Tingle said...

Oh, boo, sorry refugee. I promise to write some more posts soon. Life has been getting the better of me. Violet x