Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Darlinghurst: Street Art: Concrete Penis Gun

This concrete penis gun sculpture was well-camouflaged on the sandstone walls of ye old Darlinghurst Gaol. The gun is just one of many concrete works - including concrete televisions, concrete remote controls and concrete teddy-bears - by artist Will Coles, which he carefully places among the landscape in Darlinghurst, neighbouring Surry Hills and Newtown, in Sydney's inner west.
If you can manage to prise the cock-gun off the wall, you could flog it on eBay or just give it pride of place in your pool-room. But I would never condone such theft.
The work is called, Guns for Wannabe Gangsters (Suck My Cock), and you can read Coles's take on it at his Flickr site here.
I like Coles's work, which seems to be a timely comment on society's endless consumerism: at the moment around Darlinghurst there are loads of old televisions sitting on the footpaths and around garbage bins, as viewers are forced to upgrade to new digital sets before the analog signal is switched off next year. It seems like such a waste and it's a shame they can not be recycled.


Unknown said...

Love it! You been in Fitzroy lately?

Unknown said...

Hey Mr/Ms Flasher. No, I haven't been to Melbourne for about five years. It's a fine city though and yes, you do have better street art than Sydney or Darlinghurst.