Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Darlinghurst: Detritus: Flying Dream

I had a dream last night that I was flying above Sydney. 

I came in from the harbour and soared over Woolloomooloo.

I wanted to fly home to my bed but the wind was strong and my wings weren't powerful enough. So I glided downwards where I was protected by tall buildings and I flew along the streets back towards Darlinghurst, round the bend of Cowper Wharf Road, over Wylde and on up to William Street.

It was a strange flight. 
The streets were deserted and looked more like they had been torn from the pages of a three-dimensional street directory.

Darlinghurst did not look the same.
Many buildings were missing and there were deep holes in the ground. 
My apartment had vanished, so I flew on, looking for signs of life. 

Even at Central Station and Hyde Park there was no one to be seen. 
So I flew back towards the harbour, from where I had come; over the Opera House I flew and continued on out towards the Pacific Ocean.



Anonymous said...

Hello my names Jonathon Murray, I am a landscape architect student from the university of New South Wales. This semester I am doing an assignment in a group abd our study area is around Woolloomooloo and Darlinghurst. My group would love if possible to have a look at this model you have done and maybe photograph it if possible.

Violet Tingle said...

Dear Jonathon Murray, But it was just a dream . . .

Actually, I didn't make this model. It is at the City of Sydneys shopfront: level 2, 456 Kent Street. They are open the usual business hours. Good luck with your assignment!
Best wishes, Violet