Friday, April 22, 2011

Across the Border: Kings Cross: Street Art: Llankelly Place

Kings Cross's newly renovated Llankelly Place is proving to be one hip laneway. It has cafes, bars, had a pop-up Tokyo Bike Shop and is now becoming a magnet for nicely executed street art. The Llankelly Place facade of this 1930s apartment building, which fronts onto Macleay Street, has become a gallery for two very different styles of street art. The first is of a cherub-type girl or boy who appears to flying through the air while looking at some arrows circled on its chest. 

I'm sure the circle of arrows probably has some deep meaning. 

The other piece is of a dalmatian that has been popping up all over the neighbourhood, from Surry Hills to Darlinghurst and Kings Cross. I posted a photo of one Surry Hills dog on my Facebook page last week. There's also one on the side of the Darlo Bar or Royal Sovereign Hotel on Darlinghurst Road. 

The dalmatians are signed by N.B. and all have speech bubbles above their heads saying obscure things such as, "He Took My Leg" and "God's Old and Smells Funny":

I wonder if the artists had to ask the owner of the building for permission to put up their art?


Morganosaurus Trex said...

if he/she got permission it wouldn't really be street art...

Violet Tingle said...

I'd still call it street art. Art on the street.
Anyway, it's not there anymore so I suspect there wasn't any permission.