Sunday, April 10, 2011

Across the Border: Kings Cross: Animal Life: Goats

I remember once hearing a story about a man who would occasionally wander through the Cross with his two pet goats. It wasn't such a far fetched story, but I assumed it must have been an old tale from years and years ago and I imagined the man must have looked slightly biblical, with grey hair and a long, flowing beard. 
Then master street photographer Adrian Bell sent me this picture, which he took in January last year, showing the goat man sitting at the Bella Vita cafe, on the Darlinghurst Road strip, with his two unleashed animals.
There's nothing more to say really, I'll just let the excellent picture speak for itself. 

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Ruby said...

Where is the Goat Man now? I spotted him about 18 months ago crossing the road in Cleveland Street, near Abercrombie. Couldn't believe my eyes at the time and my country cousins who were visiting from up near Mullumbimby laughed their heads off in the backseat of my car. Seeing them all on The Strip though would've been something else...