Sunday, January 29, 2012

Darlinghurst Blog: Lost and Found: Two Gold Sovereigns

Genuine Reward. Two gold sovereigns given by a dying man to his wife. 
No questions asked.

This pink flier was taped to a number of telegraph poles on Liverpool Street yesterday and is so, so sad.
Apparently the woman who taped them up, parked her car outside the Sacred Heart Hospice on Darlinghurst Road on Friday night. 
She was inside visiting her dying husband. 
When she returned to her car, it had been broken into and the thieves had taken her handbag from the boot. 
Inside her handbag were the two gold sovereigns, which her husband had given her. 
I hope her luck takes a better turn soon.


Arnold. said...

My girlfriend died in the
hospice in late 2010. It's an amazing place to visit, especially the cat who works there.
I hope the scumbags who robbed the poor woman get all the bad karma that's coming their way.

Anonymous said...

I saw this sign yesterday, and wondered about the story behind it. It's a pretty awful thing to happen.

deb boutland said...

Great blog