Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Darlinghurst: Past and Present: Corner of Darlinghurst Road and Liverpool Street

This photo was taken on the first day of winter 75 years ago. It's amazing to see how much greener Darlinghurst in 2011 is, compared to 1936. 
If you look in the background of the archive photograph you can see the heritage-listed The Grange on Liverpool Street. 

The old photograph shows a typical street vendor, in this case a fresh supplies stall with a sign saying, ''Daily Choice Fruit and Vegetables''. The new photograph shows the terrace house at 373 Liverpool Street that used to house Garden Life, which has since relocated to Cleveland Street in Redfern.

It's also interesting to note the lack of traffic on Darlinghurst Road in the 1930s, compared to today. And if someone in the old pictures is glancing down at an object in their hand, just remember it is not a mobile phone they are looking at. 


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Vintage Girl said...

Hi Violet,

That's my house! Loved the old photos.