Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Across the Border: Kings Cross: People: Radio John

My email friend, Adrian Bell, wrote to me over the weekend to say that King Cross character Radio John (pictured above) had died on Saturday. When we last spoke about Radio John in January, Adrian told me that his health had been going "downhill" over the past year and he had recently been put into a nursing home. 
So on Saturday, after almost six months, Radio John passed away. 
Radio John was so-called because he used to always carry a boom-box with him and could often be seen sitting on the footpath, happy and content, listening to music. It didn't matter much to him that the sound was turned up so loud that people within a 500m radius could hear it. Try telling him to turn it down and he wouldn't listen. 
I can't blame him really; there's nothing quite like listening to loud music.
Rest in peace, Radio John.

Photograph Adrian Bell, 2011

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Violet Tingle said...

Adrian wrote to me with a little correction:
''John didn't play his radio for all to hear. Actually he had an amplifier, no music, or radio to his ear and would sing for hours in darlo rd, mostly beatle songs."

And all that time I thought it was a radio - it was John singing to himself!