Sunday, November 14, 2010

Darlinghurst: Heritage Items: Burton Family Hotel

Burton Family Hotel
- Register of the National Estate, City of Sydney Council Heritage List
Now home to the Carhartt Store clothing boutique this corner building at 20 Burton Street was built as a hotel in the rum-soaked years of 1883-84.
I'd love to step back in time, loosen my corset and have a cold pilsener at the Burton Family Hotel bar, which isn't too far from my Stoneleigh mansion.
I have a hunch the mid-Victorian building still belongs to the original owners, as the NSW Heritage Branch refers to its ''long term single family ownership'', while the title can not be found in basic, online real estate databases.
I love its large, ground-floor windows and corner entrance and the fact that it has clung to this hilly site for about 125 years.
Because of the hill, the building has three-storeys fronting Burton Street and four-storeys on Riley Street.

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