Friday, July 15, 2011

Darlinghurst Blog: Past and Present: Corner of Hardie and Liverpool Streets

I have walked around this particular corner of Hardie and Liverpool streets countless times so I instantly recognised it in this March 1931 photograph. The then Sydney Municipal Council would photograph scenes like the one above for their "Demolition Books" and there are hundreds of them in the council's archives. They are a great record of the times. I love how the photograph below captures how the children of the neighbourhood have gathered around to watch the demolition of their old corner shop, and I particularly like the little boy on the left who is just staring at whoever is behind the camera. 

I also love the old painted-on advertising, which you can still find in NSW country towns such as Portland in the central west, where the Letterheads sign-writing group repainted all the old signs in 2001. Incidentally, if you walk along the Liverpool Street side of Novar, you can still see the old, painted name sign. It is so faint that every time I pass by, I'm surprised to see that it's still there. 
Today, the corner of Hardie and Liverpool streets seems so much quieter:


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