Friday, March 16, 2012

Darlinghurst Blog: Retailers: Rococo Flowers

Does anyone not like flowers? 
I couldn't live without them and spend a neat sum on cut blooms each week, and also can't help wanting to add to my collection of potted flowers.
I love flowers' names, their textures, their leaf and petal patterns; and I also love dissecting them with my fingers to see how they are made.
I look at their petal patterns and colours, and their symmetry, and wonder how on earth they came to be. 
At the moment, I am considering rearranging the furniture in my apartment so that I can set up an entire table purely devoted to cut flowers in vases, and living pots of colour. 
There's just not enough space though, unfortunately.
But this is kind of what I'd like my apartment to look like:

Just imagine the sweet fragrance.

Rococo Flowers florist has been on the corner of Liverpool and Bourke Street for as long as I can remember (about 10 years), but I had never been inside to buy anything, because I just assumed that it would be expensive. Assumptions are the worst kind of thing.

While walking past Rococo with Ruby last week, we spotted these lovely purple flowered bushes (above) lined up on the street and we stopped to look and learnt they were just $9 each. Not bad at all. Suburban prices. So we went inside to check out the cut blooms.

There were all kinds of roses, tulips and lilies.

 Specimen like hyacinth.

To-die-for dahlias.

And these lovely white-lined gloxinia, from the same Gesneriaceae family as African violets.

Rococo Flowers also stocks a small collection of gifts, such as scented candles and soaps, as well as these rather cute snow globes:

Rococo Flowers
2/303a Liverpool Street
Darlinghurst NSW 2010
02 9357 6688


John said...

Rococo Flowers is housed in a building that used to house one of my favourite cafes in the 1980s. Above the door was a sign saying 'Gibson Teas'. The row of terrace houses directly across Liverpool Street were all brothels, and diagonally opposite, on top of a sandstone cut, was an old Georgian cottage that used to be referred to as the 'oasis' and was reputedly a marijuana den. We were teenagers at the time, so never checked it out.

Violet Tingle said...

Well, I like the sound of a marijuana "den" in a old Georgian cottage; shame you didn't visit.