Friday, November 18, 2011

Darlinghurst Blog: Street of the Week: Thomson Street North

I'm starting a new occasional series today called Street of the Week. Nominate your favourite now! 
I came up with the idea after a ramble through the Darlinghurst flatlands one muggy day last week when all the colours of the neighbourhood seemed to have intensified in the heat. 

I was dawdling along Bourke Street when I noticed this vibrant Jacaranda (above left), like a violet firecracker bursting with flowers. I followed its branches up the Liverpool Street hill and along a paved area until I arrived at the northern end of Thomson Street. 
Houses ran along the east side of the street, to my right, while a fence ran down the western side protecting pedestrians from falling down a sheer sandstone-brick wall, that dropped down to a dunny lane at the back of homes on Bourke Street. The view across the city was amazing. Go and see for yourself.

And the row of houses were among the sweetest - and most enormous - I have seen. 
It seemed all the residents took great pride in their homes and street.

That neighbourhood pride was most evident right at the end of the street where one resident has set up an urban garden idyll with benches, planter boxes, hanging baskets and mirrors.

They had even built this lattice screen to create their garden enclave:

There were so many lovely things to see:

And even as I left the street and slipped up Shorter Lane to Forbes Street, there was this last lovely glimpse at the backs of homes down the gated Thomson Lane:

What's your favourite street?


Arnold. said...

You have the heart of a poet.

The Fitzroy Flasher said...

It makes me wanna live there, but that would really mess with my Fitzroy loving.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I nearly got my husband to agree to purchase an apartment in the yellow building at the end of Thompson St a few years ago but it all fell through. Such a shame as I share your views on how pretty and visually pleasing this little enclave is.

Anonymous said...

And by the way I think that if I could have that round window with the leadlights in my life somehow, I would not really ever want anything else.

Violet Tingle said...

Haha. I have another lovely street in mind for next week's SOTW.

Arnold. said...

If the trees on Victoria Street Potts Point are Maple trees, then that's my fave street. If they're Plane trees, then I switch my vote to Onslow Ave Eliz Bay.

Violet Tingle said...

My heart still belongs to Hardie Street, no matter how grungy it is.

Arnold. said...

You're a real patriot for darlo and surrounds I think clover should name a street after you.