Friday, August 12, 2011

Darlinghurst Blog: Lost and Found: Michael the Cockatiel

"Michael, a loved and much missed cockatiel has gone missing in the Darlinghurst area. He is very tame and friendly. Please call 0434 934 870 if you find him.''

I have to say I am rather intrigued by the case of this missing bird. Firstly, how did he become lost? Did he break out of his cage? But more importantly, why is he called Michael? It's such a strange name for a cockatiel. Anyway, if you happen to spot him around the hood, hanging out at the Kings Cross Hotel say, going for a bite at Strawberry Cream, or chewing on a building on Greenknowe Avenue, please call the number above. But if I was a bird in Darlinghurst, I'd probably hang out on the top of St John's.

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