Friday, August 19, 2011

Darlinghurst Blog: Detritus: Underbelly: Razor

There is Razor-fever on the streets of Sydney ahead of Sunday night's premiere of Underbelly: Razor on the Nine Network. The advertising is everywhere: across billboards, taxis, bus shelters and phone booths and it's making me very excited to soon see all the characters and streets of 1920s and 30s Darlinghurst brought to life. I may even dress up in period garb for the occasion and mix myself a few Sidecars or Mint Juleps
I also have some very good news to share: Larry Writer, the excellent author of Razor, will be reading from the book in Potts Point tomorrow. Writer will also be joined by former policewoman turned author PM Newton to discuss the fine craft of crime writing. The special event is being held to coincide with the very first National Bookshop Day and starts at 4pm at the Potts Point Bookshop
It's a good opportunity to bring along your old, dog-eared copy of Razor for signing by Writer before he becomes too too famous. You can also no doubt purchase Writer's latest book, Bumper, about copper Frank Farrell who patrolled the streets of Darlinghurst, Kings Cross and Surry Hills from the 1930s to the 1960s. Or buy Newton's well-reviewed debut detective novel, The Old School, which was released by Penguin last year.
National Bookshop Day is a new event run by the Australian Booksellers Association to promote books and reading. 
The Oscar and Friends bookshops are also celebrating the day with free gelato and children's storytelling at their Double Bay store, as well as Chaser comedian Dom Knight in their Surry Hills store. 
I really hope it's going to be a blue-sky Saturday. 

LINKS (to get you in the mood for Underbelly:Razor):
MDD Blog Interview with Larry Writer


Arnold. said...

Just came back from the "States" and if you mention that you're from the Cross or Darlo, or even the Rocks, the locals wisely nod their heads and go "Ah yes, Underbelly, The Golden Mile". and when you politely point out to them that they shouldn't believe everything they see on tv, and that the Cross,Darlo, and The Rocks are quite nice places to visit and live in, they shake their heads and say "but I saw it on tv, it must be awful living there".
God bless Australia.

James Mason said...

I think these series are exactly what Oz needs. Growing up in suburban Sydney my friends and I always turned to American pop culture as the Aussie pop culture was boring and uncool. We def need more Aussie cult films and tv shows.