Saturday, January 1, 2011

Darlinghurst: Detritus: Happy New Year

 Happy new year from Darlinghurst! I hope 2011 brings you good things. 

I actually took this picture during the 9pm fireworks, which I watched - Champagne in hand - from Poos on Sticks. Quite a little crowd of strangers had gathered and we all ooohed and aaahed together and became friends.

Then as soon as the fireworks were over, the small crowd of new friends dispersed. 

Later, I went to a party in an apartment at the flats at 1 Tewkesbury Avenue, which had the most amazing wrap-around verandas with views across the neighbourhood. Unfortunately the Horizon apartment building completely blocked out any view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, which is fireworks central, so I missed the ''X Marks the Spot'' theme that the cracker show was based upon. I assume there was a big X on the bridge, which doesn't sound all that exciting anyway.
I have never been in to the 1 Tewkesbury Avenue flats before, so it was interesting to see Darlinghurst from such a different perspective. I especially loved seeing the beautiful spire of St John's Church lit up in the night:

I didn't disgrace myself too badly at the party, so maybe the hostess will invite me back during the day so I can have another glimpse of the neighbourhood from above. 

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