Monday, May 28, 2012

Darlinghurst Blog: Detritus: Instagram Autumn 2012

Thursday March 1 - Waiting at Poos on Sticks

This is a blog post dedicated to all the lovely readers who once called Darlinghurst home, but now live in far-flung places and still yearn for the lights, sights and smells of the 2010 and 2011 postcodes. 
I know you enjoy seeing pictures of your old neighbourhood and I've been taking plenty of them through the Instagram application, but unfortunately it's quite elitist and only available to people with smart-phones.
The good thing about Instagram is that it takes pictures in the Hasselblad-style square format, so even if they are crap, they look slightly professional.
Here is a collection of my autumn ramblings through the neighbourhood. 

 Thursday March 1 - The Coca-Cola sign from the Kings Cross Hotel

Thursday March 1 - Kings Cross Hotel, level one veranda 

Thursday March 1 - Shady Pines Saloon bar, Foley Street 

Thursday March 1 - Street art, Foley Street 

Saturday March 3 - Night out in a phone booth, Kings Cross Road.
I know exactly who left behind this liquor stash, because I see him nearly everyday with the same condiments. He looks a bit like Ernest Hemingway, so that's what I call him. 
I fear he'll come to an equally tragic end as his namesake because he also has a chronic alcohol problem. I often see him passed out on the footpath. What to do?

 Wednesday March 7 - Street art, Foley Street

Thursday March 8 - Full moon from my kitchen window 

Thursday March 15 - Early morning Cafe Hernandez, Kings Cross Road

 Sunday March 18 - Street art ant, Crown Street, Woolloomooloo

Sunday March 18 - Veranda security, Crown Street, Woolloomooloo 

Sunday March 18 - Ruby's kitchen wall, Darlinghurst 

Sunday March 18 - Street art, Llankelly Place, Kings Cross 

Thursday March 29 - Sunrise study from the Rushcutters Bay footbridge 

Saturday March 31 - What Bird is That? mural, Nickson Street, Surry Hills 

 Monday April 2 - Brand new wands for the El Alamein Fountain, Kings Cross

 Tuesday April 3 - Lucky 13 door and Tim Storrier burning log print at Darlinghurst Medical Centre, Victoria Street

 Thursday April 5 - Dawn at Barnett Lane, East Sydney

 Thursday April 5 - Beautiful and practical signage, Barnett Lane, East Sydney

 Friday April 6 - Dog in a window, King Street Gallery on William

 Saturday April 7 - Deals in the sky from my bathroom window

 Monday April 9 - I Saw, Kirketon Road, Darlinghurst

Tuesday April 10 - One of my favourite buildings at dusk, corner of Forbes and Burton streets

 Thursday April 12 - Leaning bollard at Chard Steps, William Street

 Saturday April 14 - Autumn clouds

 Saturday April 14 - Artist Rod McRae's vicious fawn, King Street Gallery on William

 Saturday April 14 - Saturday night, Kings Cross

Sunday April 15 - Visit from Ralf, the neighbourhood cat

Sunday April 15 - Marvellous red flowering 38-year-old clerodendrum splendens at Robert's house on Caldwell Street

 Wednesday April 18 - Caitlin Shearer's Cat Lady watercolour at World Bar, Bayswater Road, Kings Cross

 Wednesday April 18 - Couple in the rain, Victoria Street

Saturday April 21 - The Darlinghurst Road strip was closed for a police investigation after a group of teenagers allegedly stole a car and mounted the footpath at 3am. 
The police gave chase and shot and injured two of the teenagers. 
After the police tape was pulled down, I walked along the strip and it was incredible. 
The council cleaners had not yet arrived and there was rubbish, vomit and piss everywhere. 
There was also a large patch of thick sticky blood, which I nearly trod in.

Tuesday May 1 - Fliers saying, "Is this your cat?" were plastered all over the neighbourhood. They have since been removed, so presumably the ownership of the cat has been settled.

Monday May 16 - Darlinghurst Road street art. This woman, who also appears in Llankelly Place, has replaced the dalmatian artwork on the wall of the Darlo Bar. Yesterday when I went by, tourists were photographing themselves next to it. Cute.

 Tuesday May 17 - Dawn moon, the no man's land end of Ward Avenue 

 Tuesday 24 May - Ramp at dawn, the no-man's land end of Ward Avenue

Tuesday 24 May - Morning cloud from the Rushcutters Bay footbridge


Carrie said...

I've been following your blog for a while now. I'd just like to say how much I enjoyed this particular series of photos. Thank you for taking them and sharing them. Keep it up ;)

Arnold. said...

Thanks for the pics. Good to see the old Coke sign again.
One thing that's new to me is the proliferation of street art. It's very professional looking. Is it freelance or publicly funded. Looks like the same artists work. I can't really detect a theme,is there meant to be one do you think?
Or is it just a pastiche of quirkiness reflecting the artists gutfeel for the area?
Say Hi to Ralf for me.
As always much appreciate your Blog, makes me homesick but so much has changed.

Violet Tingle said...

Hey Carrie, Thanks for you kind words!
Hi Arnold, I'd say most of the street art is "freelance" but there are a few laneways in Sydney where the council has commissioned works, such as the one in Kimber Lane, Chinatown, by Jason Wing, and the lovely birdcages in Angel Place, by a man whose name I can't remember. Both are worth a visit: the Kimber Lane one lights up at night and the Angel Place one plays the calls of Sydney birds that are extinct or endangered.

Arnold. said...

Hi Violet. Here's a few ideas for your Blog. There's a couple of interesting characters around the place that probably would give a bit of an interview. I'm thinking of Tom the Japanese barber in Victoria St Potts Pt (gives a great crewcut). And good old Ben the photo developer on Darlinghurst Rd in the Cross nearly opp. Ward Ave.

Both have been there for ages and probably have a wealth of funny or otherwise stories to share.

I'm happy to give them a plug 'cause they're both really nice guys.

Keep up the good work, it may "only" be a labour of love, but it's so well done it could easily be made into a Hollywood movie. Who would you get to play you???????

Arnold. said...

I love the first pic. The 3 guys look like they're walking into a dalek ambush.

Flyingus Foxii. said...

Has Violet been abducted by aliens?

John said...

Yes, I'm wondering as well where she has gone! It's coming up to two months without a post...

Lovely Reader XX said...

Well she's twittering so that's a good sign. Maybe Blogging soon? I hope.

Anonymous said...

Hi there! This is a wonderful blog that really captures the beauty of Darlinghurst. I know it's over the border but I have a blog on Kings Cross and how we as a community can better Kings Cross and try and curb some of these alcohol violence issues. It's a fairly new blog but I just though you being a local and all you may like to check it out.

Thanks : )