Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Darlinghurst Blog: Street Art: The Invisible Man

There used to be a poetically-minded person armed with a piece of chalk who would write alphabet-themed lines of verse on doors, walls and footpaths around Darlinghurst. Dubbed The Alphabet Man (but who's to say they weren't a woman), the person would write such things as P for Perpendicular, S for Serendipity or B for Bedlam. 
I captured this I for Invisible Man tag (above) about six months ago and it was probably the last time I saw a piece by The Alphabet Man. The script pays homage to the Invisible Man, who has been leaving curious painted, text-heavy and colourful, tiny boards of art around the streets for years. Who is the Invisible Man? I don't know, but he seems to be preoccupied by a Lisa-Marie, as the name often appears in his pieces. 

The above piece, which I found last Saturday in Wisdom Lane, suggests Lisa-Marie may have broken his heart. It's a fairly recent piece, too, so I hope The Invisible Man is alright. 
The following piece was pinned onto a telegraph pole on Liverpool Street in front of a row of heritage terraces and is about Lani who may have been a slave to Tim Tam biscuits:

Someone tried to nick this one, but it seems the Invisible Man employs super-strength super-glue to attach his artworks:

This one says some not very nice things about a ''fag-hag'', who appears to have been a fugitive from the planet Klaatu:

And this last one, from Foley Street, appears to be a list of people and the years they ''escaped'' (Lisa-Marie again) or possibly and sadly, died.

If you have any photographs of Invisible Man artworks, please email them to me at and I can add them to this gallery.