Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Darlinghurst Blog: Lost and Found: Missing Ripstick

I'm well versed in lipstick, but had never heard of a Ripstick until I spotted this missing poster on a few telegraph poles in the area. So as part of My Darling Darlinghurst's service to the community, I am posting a photograph here for the sake of the poor nine-year-old who lost their birthday present. They say they lost it on Darlinghurst Road, but they actually mean Victoria Street:

''Have you seen my Ripstick? Left on Darlinghurst Road, Thursday night, 12 May, about 7.30, between Mad (Pizza) and Mu (hair salon). It was my 9th birthday present and I'd really appreciate getting it back. Please call: 0425 810 340 (or) 0412 360 960. 
''Robbo, of Elizabeth Bay, someone said they'd given it to you? Please call.''

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