Thursday, January 3, 2013

Across the Border: Kings Cross: Retailers: Exciting New Shop

The Kings Cross Centre promised an 'exciting new shop' would be opening soon in the old GNC Live Well site. The sign was up for weeks and I had my fingers crossed there would be a new frock shop in the hood, or just anything that deserved the title 'exciting'.
But as it turns out, it was a false promise and a couple of weeks ago, the area had another one of these shops:

Another crap, over-priced convenience store. Seriously. That is not exciting. I'm so annoyed by the centre's big lie, but I suspect this Quick & Easy will be as unpopular as the one that moved into the old Kookaburra Kiosk site on Burton Street. It recently closed down.

Happy New Year!


Dave Tease said...

Very hard Violet, very hard.. But probably fair though..

Anonymous said...

Totally agree Violet.

How an overpriced convenience store can survive whilst there is a large supermarket in the same shopping centre (admittedly not the cheapest either) with decent hours.

suzanne said...

Totally agree. What a disappointment. "Exciting" is not a word to be tossed about lightly.

Ngeun said...

Lol, if it opens 24 hrs, that would be exciting! Happy new year Violet! :)

James said...

Even before it opened, when there was just the sign that said "exciting new shop", my son and I were speculating about exactly how exciting it would be. And then, because we're like that, about whether we could sue them if the shop wasn't, in fact, exciting.

Lovely Reader. said...

I wet myself in anticipation.