Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Darlinghurst: Lost and Found: Missing Finger

Oh, no! A missing finger.

''Missing Finger. Please help me!! 
Recently lost my pinky. About 37mm long, manicured nail, no visible scars. If you find this valued limb reward may be given if returned in working order. Contact . . .''

This sad poster was taped to a telegraph pole on Burton Street, near Oxford Square yesterday. Poor little Pinky. It is so cute. I wonder where it is? I hope it is just having a short adventure and returns home soon. If you live in Darlinghurst, please keep an eye out for it.

1 comment:

Mrs Press said...

YIKES!!! NOT GOOD! That finger needs a hand, poor fella. Not enjoying mental picture of it idling away down some back alley on its lonesome. What if an ibis eats it??