Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Pen to Paper Challenge: Sydney Story Factory

Dear Darling readers of My (old) Darling Darlinghurst blog,

I know it has been a long time between blog posts, and you've probably moved on in your life and maybe don't care about Darlinghurst so much anymore.

I moved out of Darlo two years ago (new love of my life, then failed romance, then expensive rent, and now in the inner west on my own). I don't mind my new life so much anymore, but I do miss my Darlinghurst, which gave me so much writing pleasure. 

I've tried many times to return to my old writing habits, and even thought I might write a blog called My New Town of Newtown. But it didn't really inspire me as much as Darlo did.

Then I heard about the Pen to Paper Challenge, being run by the Sydney Story Factory in Redfern. The factory runs writing courses for local children to inspire them to use words to tell stories. It improves literary, which then helps all life and education outcomes. Books and stories certainly saved my life as a misguided teen.

So I have signed up for their Pen to Paper Challenge, which is basically a City to Surf style thing for people who don't run. No, I write. And I aim to write a Ruth Rendell inspired 'why-dunnit' set in Sydney and pulling all my bits and pieces of insight and knowledge together.

It's quite a challenge for me, because I only ever want to do my best. When I wrote My Darling Darlinghurst, I would study every word and sentence and photograph to make sure it was perfect before I published. I didn't want to waste your time reading crap.

So for the month of September, 2016, I aim to write a blog post each day. It is fictional, set in Sydney and will be in the crime style of my favourite writer Ruth Rendell (I never read her Inspector Wexford series, but her stand-alone novels are a great study of the criminal mind and what drives a person to commit a serious offence, usually murder).

Anyway, the aim of the game is not only to force me to write daily, but also to raise money for the Sydney Story Factory, and their Martian Embassy in Redfern, which encourages children to tell stories.

If we don't tell stories and share them, what life is that?

Anyway, if you want to help the Story Factory and encourage me to write this September blog, please make a small donation here:

You can also subscribe to new stories here:

I thank you so much for already having read my words, and hope you can inspire me and others to keep telling Sydney stories.

Violet x